Timing and Scheduling

The time it takes to complete a remodeling project varies quite a bit depending on the scope of the project and uncontrollable factors like the weather. A simple bathroom remodeling may only take a few weeks, while a two-story addition may take six months or more.

To stay on schedule, you need to plan ahead:
• Be sure to build time into your schedule for obtaining the necessary permits.
• Expect to set aside time for telephone calls and regular meetings with your Designer and Lead Carpenter to review progress and discuss the schedule for remaining work.
• Ask your remodeler to provide you with a written schedule. Get weekly updates.
• Realize that changes you make to the project after work has begun may affect the schedule and the budget. Change orders should include prices, full descriptions and authorization in writing before any new work begins. If additional work is requested or caused by unforeseen conditions, be prepared to add extra days to the work schedule