Why Remodel?

Remodeling your existing home can change the way you live, improve the quality of your lifestyle, strengthen your family bonds and increase the value of your home.

Lifestyle: You may wish you could entertain more often. Maybe you want to create a “hangout” for your teenagers and their friends. Creating an oasis of peace from your daily grind, or a family haven for togetherness may be on your wish list. Remodeling can create exactly what you and your family need from your home.

More Space: Growing families can squeeze the sanity right out of a home. Perhaps you need to run a business, or maybe you think it’s time to build that “granny unit” for an aging parent. Adding that extra bedroom, home office or family room will give everyone in your home the room to breathe easier by expanding your living space.

Increased Value: If you plan on living in your home for 5 years or more, remodeling is a cost-effective investment that you can also enjoy right away. A well-designed remodel or bath can pay for itself at sale time, and an updated kitchen can help sell a house in days.

Energy Savings: Replacing windows or adding insulation to an older home makes for a more comfortable, energy-responsible home. Using new technology and materials in your design creates countless options for saving money and creating the space you want.

Personal Expression: Your current home may not reflect your individual style. A comfortable, customized living, entertaining or working space is yours, when you deal with a remodeler that listens carefully to what you want.

Financial Resources: Thinking of moving? Why not just buy a new home? The American Homeowners’ Foundation estimates that it costs about 10% of your existing home’s value, to sell it and move. Spending 10% of your current home’s worth can go a long way to improving your life without packing a single box.