What is Design/Build?

It is a streamlined process that saves time and money. WrightBuilt is a full service design/build remodeling firm. We have over twenty years experience in designing and remodeling residential homes.

We offer both design and construction services under one roof. Our method provides tight control over design and construction costs, flexible scheduling, and single point accountability.

The Design/Build Process

  1. We invite you to begin with a visit to our showroom where you will see examples of our workmanship and the products that we offer. You will meet our knowledgeable designers, who can help you make selections and plan your project.
  2. The next step is to visit your home and evaluate the project. We get a sense of your home and your style. We look at the proposed remodel and talk about a budget range for the project.
  3. After reviewing some costs and analyzing your project, we meet with you a third time with a ballpark estimate. Most budgets are flexible until specifics of the project are defined. It is possible to lower or raise the cost depending upon the scope of the project, the quality of the materials and difficulty of workmanship.
  4. If the ballpark estimate and the proposed project make sense to you, we ask for a retainer and a design agreement to proceed.
  5. Under the design agreement we begin to develop conceptual plans, create specifications and a firm estimate. Our lead carpenter and subcontractors visit your home to confirm the work and job costs.
  6. Conceptual plans and rough estimates are reviewed with you to confirm that we are on track. Revisions are made based on your feedback.
  7. Completion of the design phase results in the plans, scope of work and a fixed price contract prepared for your approval. A ten percent deposit is paid upon signing the construction contract.
  8. Upon acceptance of the construction contract, a project schedule is finalized confirming that building permits, engineering and special order items are coordinated with the start of your project.
  9. To ensure a smooth start of your project, the designer and the lead carpenter with hold a pre-construction meeting with you. The purpose is to review all the logistics of sharing your home with a construction site.
  10. The designer will always be available to confirm details or discuss changes. Change orders are often a part of the remodel process and will always be put in writing.
  11. A mid-construction meeting with your designer is scheduled before we install the electrical wiring. We will verify all lighting and other utilities before drywall is installed.
  12. Completion! We meet with you at the end of the project for a final walk-thru to confirm that we have completed everything to your satisfaction.
  13. The job is over, but our commitment to you is not. Every customer receives a written warranty at the completion of the project.